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The Beats Across Borders association has been shelved to give time and space for the strong personal experiences and professional insights and initiatives to grow and have effect. Each of the projects now have their own life and will work from the unique position they've created. Our email is open for all inquiries as the organisation will service all initiatives as long as it's needed.

A core part of our work has been to develop local capacities of education in creative arts. We’ve experienced that this is possible by making use of original music to kick start social and educational options for young people and musicians within a local community.


It’s now on the shoulders of these communties to work through music and education for a coherent future of its members. We can only do this by encouraging the youth to engage in resonating environments where they feel like they belong and are allowed to express them selves in every key of life.

All of our work was built around the creation of new music in a collaboration between untrained young people and professional musicians and music producers and project managers.


During a project we utilized a mix of collaborative music games and exercises, live music recording and music production and songwriting tools to reach the personal goals of the participants.

Background: Lisboa 2018
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