The Beats Across Borders purpose is to build sustainable communities working with original music.

Our goal for each project is for it to become a locally anchored, self governed entity making use of original music to develop social, financial and educational possibilities for all and especially young members of the local community surrounding the project.

We choose to work with communities  consisting of people who are relevant to each other and their surroundings in a cultural way. It’s on the shoulders of these communties to secure a coherent future of its members and diminish the recruitment of young people by radical organisations. The communities can only do this by encouraging the youth to stay in engaging and resonating environments where they feel like they belong.

Our toolbox consists of leadership and teachers training, songwriting and music production workshops, concert production, business management 

and NGO administration. 

We do this because we believe that strong human resonance is our only chance of overcoming the future we created.


Projects: 10 (active: 4) 

Country networks: 12 (active: 8)

Associated artists: 40

Music workshop participants: 1500+ (f/m 75/25)

Project partnership agreements: 10

Active leadership programmes: 5 (f/m 60/40)

Teacher training participants: 35 (f/m 50/50)

Job opportunities created: 15 (f/m 75/25)

Accumulated project turnover: $150.000+


Original songs recorded: 50+


Concerts produced: 25

Concert attendees: 3000+


Perfoming acts and artists: 150+


Online reach: 3mio


Daily Management:


Mikael Hegelund Martinsen

Coordination Director & Founder

Music Producer and Lecturer

MA in History and Political Science, University of Copenhagen


Neeco Escamos

Business Coordinator

Label Manager and CEO, www.dosesampu.com




Liv Arnth

Press Officer, the Danish Ministry of Children and Education

MA in Journalism, Danish School of Journalism

Joakim Thaning

Deputy Chief, the Danish Ministry of Justice

MSc in Economics, University of Copenhagen

Simon Rischel

Choir Conductor, the Danish Boys Choir

MA in Singing and Music Pedagogy, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen

Legal advisory

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Beats Across Borders



Tullinsgade 25 st tv 1618 Copenhagen Denmark

VAT 39033607 



Nadim Mahmoud


+45 5364 0287

Nadim Mahmoud

NGO Coordinator

Music Producer

BA in Political Administration and International Relations, University of Roskilde


Rasmus Brøndsted

Senior Graphic Designer

MA in Visual Communication, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

Nicolas Busch

Project Manager, Mind Your Own Business

MSc in International Security and Law,  

University of Southern Denmark

Emil Lagstrøm

Certified Public Accountant in Piaster Revisionsaktieselskab

David Havstein

Music Producer and CEO, www.babybaby.world

Beats Across Borders Administration:


Gl. Frederiksborgvej 11 3400 Hillerød Denmark

VAT 34981132 Bank Nordea Reg. 1345 Account 6881 624 697 IBAN DK1920006881624697 SWIFT NDEADKKKXXX


Mikael Hegelund Martinsen


+45 2087 8221

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